Digital Marketing Remote Internship at Epic Growth


Implemented Internships for those who never worked in marketing before.

Complete paid (250$) internship and get a remote job in an Mobile Marketing Agency!

Epic Growth provides with the knowledge that you can immediately apply working in a company.

Required skills and experience

  • You’re a quick learner
  • You like being creative
  • You are an analytical thinker
  • You English level is Intermediate and above
  • You have higher education

What’s important is your ability to learn, creativity and analytical thinking. Epic Growth will teach you the rest!

Internship program 

Digital marketing basics

  • The marketer’s role in a product IT company
  • Basic concepts in digital marketing
  • Digital marketing types (performance and influencers marketing, inbound & content marketing, and more.)

Performance marketing is an important growth tool

  • Facebook as the main mobile application distribution channel
  • The basic metrics of performance marketing

The creation and launch stages for creative videos 

  • How to create successful video creatives for Facebook
  • Facebook policy

Apply your skills in company’s business cases


  • Remote work
  • Competitive salary
  • Health insurance (health insurance is available in major cities in Ukraine only)
  • English lessons (english classes are partially compensated)


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