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You’ll work on a bunch of content, with full freedom to develop editorial content, engage in different research, as well as work on company processes (style guide, copywriting, work with outsourcing, etc).

Below is the list of the areas of involvement:

Future Tasks: 🌽

We work in several niches atm, with primary focus on:

  • Financial Trading
    • Service Reviews (mainly rewrites with a clear task description)
    • Articles (rewrites under supervision) & editing
    • FX Related News writing & publishing
    • etc.
  • Marketing tasks:
    • publishing in wordpress and other popular cms
    • media outreach
    • copywriting
    • marketing & content research
    • reputation management
    • other marketing tasks.


  • Exceptional Writing Skills
    • Clear
    • Concise
      • Non-verbose
      • Avoid adjectives
    • Personal
  • Critical thinking (do not expect we won’t read your work)
  • Ability to conduct additional research
    • Extracting meaning from conversations on:
      • Reddit
      • Quora
      • Relevant forums
  • Reliability (despite our tyrannical nature, we don’t like raining on anybody’s cabriolet)
  • Command of Languages
    • English
    • Any extra language is a plus
Інформація про вакансію
Тип зайнятості: Full time
Опубліковано: 30 липня 2020
Актуально до: 21 серпня 2020
About Elite CurrenSea 🩳

We are an award-winning trading and education provider. The company was originally founded by Nenad Kerkez & Chris Svorcik in 2014 and later joined by a third co-founder Mykyta Barabanov.

The company is governed remotely from Serbia, Czech Republic, Netherlands and Ukraine.

At the moment we offer a wide range of software and tools, as well as marketing research, industry commentary, and event management.

Our Vision 👀

Dedication, creative solutions, and community building are the keys in the development of financial literacy according to Elite CurrenSea.

Our Values 🌝

  • Transparency
  • Agility
  • Humility
  • Persistence
  • Humbleness (Under-promise, over-deliver)
  • Risk Taking
  • Ownership
  • Innovation
  • Positivity
Our Mission 🎯

Provide access to relevant trading tools and information to correctly setup and reach financial goals.

Our Products

We offer Manual & Automated solutions to trade financial markets. Those range from simple video courses to advanced Indicators, and fully autonomous trading robots.

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