Creative Writer/ Storyteller/Копірайтер (part time) at UNOPS

Управління ООН з обслуговування проектів (UNOPS)
Київ, Ukraine
Part time

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The main objective of the assignment is to translate programme results into powerful compelling human stories related to UNOPS Ukraine main areas of work.

Under the direct supervision of the UNOPS Communications Officer, the consultant is expected to produce a number of human stories (in English and Ukrainian) demonstrating UNOPS’ impact on the ground.

The stories will be disseminated through UNOPS communication channels, including but not limited to web site social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter) etc.

The Consultant will carry out the following activities:

  • Review the background documents provided by UNOPS to obtain a better understanding of the goals and context to follow when developing the products. Meet with communication and business development officers to discuss potential storylines. Develop the concept and detailed work plan identifying timelines, activities and determined deliverables for the period of assignment in consultation with UNOPS Communications Officer and submit to UNOPS for approval.
  • Identify success stories and gather engaging and compelling stories/content, both by the desk review and by interviews with men/women selected to be portrayed in the storytelling project.
  • Turn scientific content and human voices into personalized human stories the audience will relate to the style of stories should be catchy, avoiding jargon and technical words.   It is also important to capture the subject in their daily action or engaged in an activity that helps construct the story. Stories should also focus on the process of change, finding positive solutions and/or overcoming challenges.
  • With an emphasis on strong writing, contextualize and design visual, text-based content as well as tailor and package key messages to be communicated to suit the audience. Ensure that the content clearly communicates the message and ensure content and message are consistent.
  • Provide UNOPS with first drafts of the success human stories for comments/feedback by agreed deadline.
  • Supplement the success human stories with photos and ensure their following photo quality and approach: photo files size should be around 3MB or more at 300 dpi. The consultant must obtain advance consent from subjects to photograph and/or record them.
  • Provide UNOPS with revised drafts for comments / feedback by agreed deadline.
  • Ensure timely incorporation of feedback received from UNOPS into final drafts.
  • Develop a final report covering the whole assignment, followed with all relevant Annexes with all outputs produced.

To ensure the delivery of the above tasks, the Consultant will:

  • Liaise and ensure constant communication/coordination with UNOPS communications and business development team regarding all aspects of the assignment;
  • Submit all the deliverables for review, comments and approval to UNOPS communications and business development teams as requested;
  • Hold consultations with UNOPS communications and business team as requested.
  • Extensive travel within Ukraine will be required.  Cost of travel will be covered separately in accordance with existing UNOPS policies.

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Інформація про вакансію
Тип зайнятості: Part time
Опубліковано: 19 грудня 2019
Актуально до: 30 грудня 2019

На запит Уряду України у 2017 році було відкрито офіс ЮНОПС в Україні, що надає широкий спектр послуг Уряду та народу України. Наразі офіс має статус операційного центру (UAOC), а вартість портфеля проектів у таких сферах, як верховенство права, охорона довкілля, енергоефективність, післякризове відновлення, належне врядування, управління кадрами, закупівлі та логістика, перевищує 100 млн доларів США.

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