Senior Migration Health Nurse with Regional Function at IOM

International Organization for Migration
Київ, Ukraine
Full time

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Position Title : Senior Migration Health Nurse with Regional Function
Duty Station : Kyiv, Ukraine
Classification : General Service Staff, Grade G7
Type of Appointment : Fixed-term, one year with possibility of extension
Estimated Start Date : As soon as possible


Under the direct supervision of the Chief Migration Health Officer (CMHO) and in close coordination with the Regional Health Assessment Program Coordinator (RHAPC) and the Regional Vaccination Coordinator (RVC), the successful candidate will be responsible of supervising nurses to implement a range of health assessment and medical movement assistance, immunization, files clearance and storage, medical referral and follow-up activities in Ukraine as well as effective supervision and coordination of the regional MHD nursing activity. In particular he/she will be:

Core Functions / Responsibilities:
  1. Supervise and provide guidance to nurses to implement below tasks:
  • Assist the pre-examination activities of the migration health assessment process, such as obtaining medical history, performing anthropometrics, visual acuity and vital signs measurements, and reporting the same on the web based platforms for each resettlement country.
  • Follow and act on the prescriptions/recommendations given by the doctor, administering the appropriate treatment.
  • Perform pre-departure checks and treatment for traveling refugees/migrants and preparing a report about the given treatment according to the country of resettlement requirements. Indicate the activities / treatment given in the web based applications.
  • Assist in providing counselling to beneficiaries on health issues.
  • Maintain confidentiality of information and collaborative relationship with clients, partners and health professionals.
  • Prepare service request referral to external service providers, keep records of it and verify the invoices for the services rendered by partner laboratory and radiology providers.
  1. Supervise monitoring of availability of all necessary medical expendables and supplies as well as keeping of materials and drugs (excluding anti – TB drugs) in order that requires:
  • Preparation of the equipment necessary for doctor’s examination;
  • Checking drugs in the clinic and their expiry dates and making a report on it at the end of each month;
  • Preparing/sending information to the Head MHU Admin/Programme Support about the items necessary for the clinic;
  • Preparation and keeping in order medical kits used by medical escorts and staff assisting the pre-departure activities.
  1. Maintain efficient workflow of health assessment activities taken in place in coordination with CMHO, Kyiv
  2. In coordination with the RVC perform clinical tasks/procedures to ensure that refugees and migrants receive the public health interventions (vaccination) in accordance with the medical/health recommendations of the receiving countries:
  • Conduct Quality Control/Quality Assurance on vaccine coverage in the region;
  • Monitor the cold chain in the region and ensure that the standards are maintained according to CDC cold handling toolkit;
  • Monitor the temperature alert systems in the region to ensure that the all cold chain units are in proper working order;
  • Support non-IOM panels to implement the vaccine program;
  • Participate in planned second dose vaccination activities.
  1. Conduct Training of Trainers (TOT) for nurses in vaccination in the region by implementing standard curriculum and material developed by the global vaccine program. Maintain adequate nurse staffing level, work distribution among nurses.
  2. To provide training to nurses and a lead in team/capacity building of nurses in Ukraine and ECA (in coordination with RHAPC).
  3. Assist CMHO, Ukraine in maintaining customer centered approach and overview of the smooth workflow environment.
  4. Prepare and/or guide nurses in the region to make SOPs related to nurse tasks, and maintain quality and beneficiary-friendly health assessment activities
  5. Liaise with the external Doctors, the Specialists Consultants for referring cases and receiving the reports and invoices; clear the same through IOM Finance Unit.
  6. Assist CMHO Ukraine in efficient asset management.
  7. Participate in field missions across the region, and beyond, as needed, and assist as nurse escort of serious medical cases.
  8. Perform such other duties as may be assigned.
Required Qualifications and Experience


  • Diploma of Nurse with a minimum 7 years of work experience in Clinical Nursing.


  • University Degree in Medical sphere with a minimum 5 years of professional experience. 


  • Previous work experience with an International NGO or a UN Organization, and in a refugee or displaced population settlement is an advantage. Experience in Migration Heath is a very strong advantage.
  • Previous working experience in supervisory position within a medical facility is desired.
  • Excellent technical skills, including in phlebotomy.
  • Training or working experience in the areas of Tuberculosis management, mass immunizations, communicable diseases, laboratory testing or public health is an advantage.
  • Computer literacy required: MS Office suite (Word, Excel, Access).


Fluency in English, Ukrainian and Russian is required.

Інформація про вакансію
Тип зайнятості: Full time
Опубліковано: 6 лютого 2020
Актуально до: 20 лютого 2020

Established in 1951, IOM is the leading inter-governmental organization in the field of migration and works closely with governmental, intergovernmental and non-governmental partners. IOM is dedicated to promoting humane and orderly migration for the benefit of all. It does so by providing services and advice to governments and migrants.

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