Beetroot Webinar «Cross-Cultural Competences & Teamwork»

Ср., 27/05

Beetroot has started a series of international webinars.

The first online event will help you better understand yourself and others while gaining tools to work with Cross-Cultural teams, Cross-Cultural partners, and clients.

What will be?

Main topics of the webinar:

  • what are Cross-Cultural differences and why are they important;
  • high versus Low context cultures; country-specific examples;
  • individualistic vs. Collectivistic;
  • monochronic/Polychronic Time;
  • using Direct vs. Indirect communication styles in different cultures;
  • 10 do’s and don’ts in communicating with Cross-Cultural teams;
  • give & receive feedback outside your cultural comfort zone.

Who is a speaker?

Jesper H. Møller is a Customer Experience Engagement Manager at Infopulse (Kyiv), working specifically with Nordic partners and clients. Previously, he was theClient Service Manager in Ciklum (Kharkiv) and the Business Unit Manager for Symphony Solutions (Lviv).
Jesper has worked with teams in India, Pakistan, Ukraine, Poland, Bulgaria and Macedonia, as well as clients from the USA, UK, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Ireland and Germany.


The webinar is free. To join, simply register.

Когда: 27 мая, Ср, 19:00 - 20:30

Где: online

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