The Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition (CEC)


The Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition (CEC) is a part of the Entrepreneurship Campus and was initiated to empower entrepreneurs all around the world to create innovative answers to global and/or community challenges and to engage in a more peaceful and sustainable world.

What will be?

You are invited to submit your innovative ideas and projects with a societal impact, which champion and implement one or more of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Before, during and after the CEC you have the possibility to take two courses to help develop a sustainable business model from your idea:

  1. The Brain versus Capital (BvC) course serves as a basis and can also be completed without prior registration.
  2. The additional Sustainable Entrepreneurship Course (SEC) is recommended to be done after the end of the BvC course.

Both courses are free of charge.

You will gain knowledge that can be helpful to change or upgrade existing projects as well.

Who can take part?

Young people who are between 13 and 29 years old and have idea and/or project with a societal impact.


You can apply for partipication by September, 30. To do this, you must register on Entrepreneurship Campus.

Где: online


«Школа менторів» від ГО «Про.Світ»

ГО «Про.Світ»

5 днів


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«Школа менторів» від ГО «Про.Світ»


Набір стартапів на 5 треків від Sector X


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