Internships in Audit and Accounting Outsourcing Department

Mazars opens internship programs 2020 in two service lines: Audit or Outsourcing Department. Mazars tries to be open to the needs of young people and support them at every stage of development, because part of the team is Generation Z. Therefore, during the internship, each intern will be a part of the team and will be involved in various projects.

Who are they looking for?

Students or graduates of economics, with above-average English, analytical skills and a great desire to learn and discover the world of finance.

What do they offer?

Internship in the Audit or Outsourcing Department with official employment, where Mazars will combine training and practice. And senior colleagues will always support interns on the path of development.

After a successful internship, Mazars can offer the position of Auditor or Accountant (depending on the internship department) and further development in the company.

Internship period

The internship will start in July 2020 and the duration is:

  • 3 months in the Outsourcing Department;
  • 5 months in the Audit Department.


Mazars offers candidates who are interested in this internship to send the resume (indicating the direction for the internship).

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