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BetterMe is a Ukrainian company that cares for the physical and mental health of more than 150 million people worldwide. The company developed two applications: BetterMe: Health Coaching and BetterMe: Mental Health. It has also launched the online BetterMe store that offers products for a healthy and active lifestyle.

Вакансії в BetterMe
6years in the market
200+people in the team
1office in Kyiv
150 millionusers in the world

The BetterMe company was founded in 2017. It developed from a Facebook group to a big platform in six years. It has been supporting the physical and mental health of over 150 million people during these years.

In 2022, BetterMe received the international award The Hottest Startup of The Year 2022 according to The Europas Awards in the Health & Fitness category. This award was founded by Mike Butcher, editor-in-chief of TechCrunch.

BetterMe has a goal to become the #1 company in the world in the Health & Fitness category.

BetterMe products

BetterMe: Health Coaching has been recognized as one of the top three apps in the Health & Sports category for guided workouts globally.

The application contains personalized training programs designed for any level of physical fitness. The workout collection includes different types of fitness, dance, yoga, boxing, pilates, running, walking, etc. The company strives to make a healthy lifestyle accessible to everyone. Thus, the application also includes inclusive training for people in wheelchairs, elderly users, pregnant women, and children. The application has various challenges to support motivation.

BetterMe: Health Coaching also offers personalized nutrition programs with the ability to choose the type of diet, calorie intake, etc. There are separate nutrition programs for people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Training courses on the basics of proper nutrition are also available.

In March 2022, BetterMe: Health Coaching became free for all Ukrainians.

The application is available in AppStore and  Google Play.

BetterMe: Mental Health is an emotional health and stress management app that offers users personalized daily plans with expert advice and self-help exercises.

It offers breathing exercises, meditations, and courses that help you get to know yourself better or focus on overcoming stress or bad habits. The app has soothing melodies and sounds, as well as fairy tales for children and adults for better sleep.

Since BetterMe: Mental Health became free for all Ukrainians in March 2022, more than 260,000 Ukrainians have used it. This app has become the most popular in its category. Most Ukrainians use this app to overcome stress and anxiety in order to become calmer.

The application is available in AppStore and Google Play.

BetterMe Store is an online store with products for a healthy and active lifestyle. It includes the charity collections Creating Freedom Within and Creating Power Within, a line of everyday sportswear, the BetterMe Band fitness tracker, and the dancewear collection Dance Into Confidence.

BetterMe Values

  • Fail Fast & Cheap

    The company believes that the fear of making mistakes slows down the company's growth rate. Therefore, they prefer testing and experimenting. They are ready to make hundreds of mistakes in order to find the perfect way that will work.

  • Test & Learn

    All employees of BetterMe are guided by the principle: come up with an idea, test it, draw a conclusion, and move on.

  • Speed is Everything

    Quick hypothesis testing to choose the right strategy helps BetterMe stay one step ahead.

Terms and benefits of working with BetterMe

The BetterMe team works from the office in the Astarta business center in Podil or from home.

For comfortable and efficient work, BetterMe offers:

  • rapid growth within the company;
  • priority for team training and development (training, conferences, online programs, classes with native English speakers, etc.);
  • full medical insurance and services of a corporate doctor;
  • sports classes in the office gym and online;
  • 20 working days of paid vacation;
  • breakfasts and lunches in the office;
  • monthly team building sessions;
  • support of employees and their families who are in difficult life circumstances.

How does the company support Ukrainians during the war?

In a difficult time for the country, BetterMe does not stand aside but helps Ukrainians to overcome the challenges caused by a full-scale war. Therefore, the company has introduced the following number of charitable initiatives:

  • allowed Ukrainians to use the BetterMe: Health Coaching and BetterMe: Mental Health applications for free. The recommendations to improve children’s mental health, training for school children, diet in war conditions, and other relevant information for Ukrainians are available there;

  • began cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, which recommends the BetterMe: Health Coaching application for conducting online PE classes in schools;
  • joined the National Mental Health Program initiated by the First Lady of Ukraine, Olena Zelenska. Furthermore, BetterMe developed an online training course Important skills in times of stress with the help of the initiative Free of barriers and the WHO of Ukraine. This course aimed to help Ukrainians overcome the consequences of the war;
  • launched two charitable lines of sportswear: Creating Freedom Within and Creating Power Within. Thanks to these lines, the company transfers 100% of the profit to the Zemliachky NGO for tailoring military uniforms for women in the Armed Forces;
  • It transferred more than 3 million hryvnias for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Wish to work on apps and products that improve the lives of millions of people worldwide? Join the BetterMe team!

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