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Boosta is an international IT company that creates digital businesses. The company's portfolio includes loads of successful IT products, performance marketing projects, and its own investment fund Burner.

9years on the market
4offices in Ukraine and Poland
600+specialists in 14 countries worldwide

Nowadays, Boosta is an international IT company that employs more than 600 specialists from 11 countries. Its products are used by hundreds of thousands of customers from all over the world. But the history of the company started in 2014 in the apartment of one of the founders in Kyiv. Back then Boosta founders understood that a successful business depended on constant development. Even the name of the company comes from the English word "to boost" — to improve, to increase.

Dmytro Bondar,
Boosta is a place where goals are realized. We constantly strive to grow and achieve more. We have expertise. We know what to do with it and who we need for it. That is why our team has grown from 2 to 600+ proficient specialists on the market in eight years. The number of successful products and satisfied customers increases every year.

What does Boosta work on?

SEO tools

  •   SiteCheker. Analysis of competitor link strategies.
  •   Kparser. Selection of keywords and development of the semantic core.
  •   CopyWritely. Checking the quality of text content.

Educational platforms

  •   StudyHippo. Providing access to databases of educational materials.
  •   Robot Don. Analysis of the quality of scientific works and provision of recommendations for their improvement with the help of AI algorithms.

Other services

In addition, Boosta is actively engaged in performance marketing. It has recently announced the creation of the Burner investment fund.

Yaroslav Baklan,
Managing Partner
It is nice to remember that we were a startup with an office in the kitchen eight years ago. I even had to write a note to one of the first programmers that our company would exist for at least six months. Today, people want to work with us. I must say that it is the biggest breakthrough.

We do not stop developing. My dream is to build a company that will last 100 years. To accomplish it, we need to launch new products and test ideas. That’s why we invest a lot of resources in it.

Burner investment fund

The creation of the Burner fund was a logical continuation of the company's investment activities. After all, this direction has been developing in Boosta for more than five years. More than ten projects have been invested in since 2017.

Today, the key goal of the fund is to provide SMART investments to digital projects at all stages of development. Key areas: iGaming, Finance/PDLs, Crypto, Dating, AdTech, SEO & affiliate marketing tools, Mobile Apps, Auto.

In addition, Burner has a referral program that allows you to receive up to $10,000 for recommending a startup (if an agreement is concluded with it).

Yaroslav Svyrydiuk,
managing partner of the Burner fund
Boosta is constantly approached by teams that want to attract investments. At a certain point, it became obvious that the extensive experience and resources of the company can significantly help young entrepreneurs in achieving ambitious results. Burner was created for this purpose. Our specialty is not only financial assistance but also the support of operational processes and sharing of expertise.
Mykola Tokarev,
CEO of MasterBundles
We chose Boosta and Burner because we were looking not only for finances but also for experience, expertise, and cool specialists. Three months after we started working together, MasterBundles' revenue grew by 23.5% year-on-year.

Comfortable offices, remote on request, and flexible schedule are not just words

Today, Boosta has three offices: two in Kyiv and one in Lviv. However, the company has already set up processes for remote work. Boosta’s employees can work remotely from any spot in the world. Some Boosta specialists currently live in Poland, the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, and other countries.

Polina Kuchkovska,
HR Director
We have learned to work productively from home. However, Boosta's employees work either online or offline. They can use offices whenever they want. There is an option to compensate the cost of the co-working space up to €140 per month (per person) for those who are not in Kyiv and Lviv. Our office is where we choose. The employees can also arrange their own work schedule. Everything is as flexible as possible for the comfort of our specialists.

The working day in Boosta starts between 08:00 and 11:00 (everyone chooses for themselves) and ends, respectively, between 17:00 and 20:00 Kyiv time.

The company has a loyal system of days off and sick leave. During the year, each team member can take:

  •     18 days of vacation;
  •     5 days off;
  •     5 days of sick leave without medical confirmation;
  •     30 days of sick leave with medical confirmation.

There is also a transfer day option. If necessary, everyone can transfer their working day from a weekday to a weekend. By the way, the company decided not to cancel days off on public holidays during martial law.

Health care of specialists, and in the peaceful time also loud corporate parties

The company compensates 80% of the cost of health insurance to all employees after the trial period. It actively helps the team to maintain mental health, in particular, organizes webinars with experts on such topics as work-life balance, emotional burnout, interpersonal relationships, and conflict resolution. In addition, each specialist can receive compensation for the cost of three sessions with a psychologist. If necessary, the company even helps to find a qualified specialist.

In addition, Boosta operates a corporate program of discounts for subscriptions to sports clubs, massage studios, food delivery services, cleaning services, and beauty salons.

Iryna Krutko,
SEO Specialist
Even before the full-scale invasion, Boosta actively supported the mental health of the team. Furthermore, its value increased a lot during this difficult time. Sessions with a psychologist helped me a lot. I was in Sweden with my child. I was afraid to go back home. I could not make any decision. However, after two sessions I became much calmer and could deal with all difficulties. Besides, I like the webinars on psychological health. They are always useful and informative.

Before the full-scale war, Boosta was famous for its high-profile team building and corporate parties. The last one, for example, took place in the fall of 2021 in one of the best hotels in Turkey — Rixos Sungate.

Viktor Diachenko,
Front-end Developer
Every time after corporate parties, I think that I can no longer be surprised. And after that, Boosta organizes another, even greater corporate party. Our last 4-day corporate party in Turkey was informally called a "luxury camp for adults" because we had restaurants, bars, a beach, a water park, a gym, water slides, SPA, billiards, and boat trips at our service. The party for all Boosters employees was the icing on the cake!

The pandemic has taught the company how to hold events at a distance. Even now, during martial law Boosta organizes warm online meetings: tea parties, quizzes, charity auctions, etc.

Do you want to develop? Boosta is the best place for it!

The Learning & Development department is always ready to offer the best opportunities for development and training.

Oleh Maiboroda,
Head of Learning & Development
Our task is not only to create a palette of opportunities for everyone who wants to develop but also to choose the coolest and most effective option for each specialist. Additional professional training at courses and conferences both in Ukraine and abroad, English lessons, mentoring, corporate library, managerial adaptation, and coaching. We provide everything the employees need at the highest level. You can rest assured that your development is guaranteed.

Since the company operates on the international market, the level of English is important. So Boosta provides corporate language learning and approaches this process responsibly. The groups have no more than six people. Only certified and professional specialists are among the teachers. In addition, speaking clubs are often organized both with native speakers and with English teachers.

If the employee wishes to undergo additional professional training, the company compensates 80% of the cost of the educational service, and 100% — if it is the initiative of the Team Leader. The compensation rules are the same for any training whether it is a full-fledged course, webinar, or conference in Ukraine or abroad.

Kostiantyn Shpylka,
Data Analyst
The learning culture is developed in Boosta at a very high level. One of the cool features is that the company covers the cost of Ukrainian and foreign courses. We often prepare lectures and share the useful information we have learned after completing the course. In my opinion, it is +30% to the effectiveness of learning, because I always come to courses with notes and immediately plan my speech and presentation in my head.

Boosta Talks — webinars on current professional and life topics — are also popular in the company. Speakers can be both company specialists and external experts.

Once a month, the company holds a Legal Assistance Day. Team members can ask a professional lawyer for advice on any personal issues.

A huge offline and online library and educational database of useful materials EduSpace are also available for specialists.

There are mentoring and grading systems for those who want to climb the career ladder quickly in the company. Mentoring is a learning process. The mentors are involved in the professional growth of their mentees and their career choices in the company. Grading is a system that helps determine what next job position the employee can take up and under what conditions.

All specialists who are promoted to the level of manager must undergo a managerial adaptation program. It involves learning the basic rules of team management, performance measurement, etc. The main feature of the program is coaching support. Each specialist can go through up to eight coaching sessions according to ICF standards to realize their potential, form an ambitious goal and find answers to questions.

Roman Rohoza,
TL SEO Specialist
I didn't even expect such a result. When I started interacting with the coach, I understood the working processes more clearly and outlined opportunities that I had not seen before. I worked very well on the issue of balance, global views, and goals. Working with a coach is an extremely useful format for the adaptation of managers.

Boosta Academy and active cooperation with students

The company's products also include Boosta Academy — an online educational platform for learning relevant digital professions. It is an opportunity to gain valuable knowledge from experts in the fields of SEO, Link Building, SMM, targeting, etc. Some courses are completely free. More than 20,000 volunteers have already joined the training. The best students got a job in Boosta.

Anastasiia Tkach,
I would never have believed that my work would be related to IT because I was convinced that it was difficult and unclear. Fortunately, I learned about the profession of a link builder and signed up for a course at Boosta Academy. The training was meaningful and interesting. In the end, I received a certificate with honors. I was offered a job in the company.

The company actively cooperates with universities, because it understands the value of quality education for future specialists. Boosta has already signed memorandums of cooperation with seven universities of the country, including Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, National Technical University of Ukraine “Ihor Sikorskyi Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”, Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics, Uzhhorod National University and National University “Ostroh Academy”.

Anastasiia Hovorun,
Head of PR
Boosta has great expertise. And we are always ready to share it. The development and employment of students are an investment in the future of our country. We actively participate in job fairs, give lectures, and support young people. We also prove that the first job can be cool and interesting!

Boosta has an internal currency and even a shop

Yes, Boosta has an internal company currency — Boosta coins. In the Boosta Shop, you can exchange coins for cool gifts: branded merch (thermal cups, backpacks, socks), smartphones, laptops, watches, coffee machines, AirPods, etc.

But no money, no honey! You need to earn coins in one of the following ways:

  • write a review of the read book;
  • propose a new idea: both to improve the life of boosters, and launch new products;
  • prepare a report for colleagues as part of Boosta Talks;
  • replenish the knowledge base with useful educational materials;
  • become a mentor for a colleague or a lecturer at Boosta Academy;
  • give a speech at a conference or other event, prepare an article, etc.
Mykola Klymeniuk,
Sales Team Lead
I am actively engaged in my professional activities. I attend professional events (both as a listener and as a speaker), give speeches at career fairs, and periodically conduct training for beginners. As a result, I receive Boosta coins which I exchange for various sports bottles, an Apple Watch, etc. You can collect coins with your team and exchange them for something that is needed in the office. My team and I bought a Bluetooth speaker for the office.

Company values

Boosta clearly understands what kind of people they need. The company has clear values that everyone tries to adhere to. Yes, yes, the founders of the company are not an exception.


  • You make decisions and take responsibility for them. Do not wait for instructions and solve the problem, not its consequences. Your actions do not create unnecessary bureaucracy.


  • If you need something, you go and ask. Do not wait. Understand the interlocutor's point of view and check if you have understood him/her correctly.


  • You never stop learning, gaining related knowledge, and sharing information. Try to understand business, customers, and processes.


  • You put forward ideas that are worth implementing and look for the best solutions. You adhere to the principle to make everything easier, more convenient, and more profitable.


  • You are result-oriented, not process-oriented. New challenges do not scare you, and colleagues can rely on you.


  • You are not afraid to make mistakes and learn from them. You сare about colleagues and are guided by the principle of the three S: self-motivation, self-improvement, and self-discipline.
AnastasIia Fialkovska,
Deputy HRD in Boosta
Boosta is about cool results, a strong and proactive team, a pleasant atmosphere, and easy communication. We are a company that believes in values. We select employees according to these values. All processes are built on their basis.

Support of Ukraine and the team in wartime is priority #1

Boosta's core value is its people. At the beginning of a full-scale war, team safety was priority #1. The company took care of operational communication, created a separate communication line and a Telegram bot. Thanks to them, the specialists could quickly learn how to evacuate from hot spots, where to look for accommodation, and how to get to a certain city.

At the beginning of the full-scale war, Krakow became a temporary home for boosters. The company rented rooms in a hotel where team members could stay for free. It was a real family community because Boostas employees came with their relatives, children, and pets. Temporary offices were also opened in Poland and Bulgaria. Later, they were replaced by 140€ of co-working compensation per month.

Yuliia Patsiora,
Project Manager at Boosta Academy
I am infinitely grateful to our beloved Boosta Family! I came to Poland with my mother and a cat in March and got the opportunity to live in our Krakow hub for free. The atmosphere was very homely. I even burst into tears when I met my colleagues. In such a difficult time, it was crucial to see my colleagues and feel the company's support!
*The photo shows Linkbuilder and Outreach Specialist Viktoriia, SMM Team Lead Eleonora, and a cat Jessica in the Boosta hub in Krakow.

The company does not forget about supporting Ukraine. When Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine began, Boosta transferred more than half a million hryvnias to the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. On the 55th day, it announced an internal charity initiative — Ukrainian Victory Support. Its essence is that the company allocates UAH 100,000 every month to cover the volunteer requests of Boosta’s employees. Everyone can apply for such assistance.

How to start working in Boosta?

There are six steps of the selection process for hiring employees:

  1. resume screening;
  2. screening call (a short telephone interview to check compliance with the main requirements of the vacancy);
  3. an interview;
  4. assessment test (usually formed directly from the tasks that you will perform in the position);
  5. extra interview (optional);
  6. collection of recommendations.
Aliona Hustikova,
Recruitment Team Lead
We understand that the hiring process is quite long and complicated. However, it allows us to recognize the right person for the right position. At the same time, the candidate can get to know the company better. There is always a high demand for everyone to start working in IT companies. Our company is not an exception, but I guarantee it will be worth it.
Natalia Kravchenko,
Recruitment Team Lead
First of all, we look at the CV to see whether it is logically formed and correct. We also pay attention to the number of previous jobs. We need to know whether the candidate is a job jumper or not. Of course, we look at the covering letter, analyze career growth, and collect recommendations.

Onboarding in Boosta: 2 days to get to know the company and maximum support

The main rule of onboarding in Boosta is to provide a person with a comfortable adaptation and prompt online support. First, the HR manager conducts an intro, introduces the team, and answers all questions. The person gets to know everything about the company's working process during the first two days.

After two weeks, HR holds a Tea Time meeting, and in the middle of the probationary period — a Measuring Pulse. The purpose of the meetings is to find out whether it is comfortable for the specialist to work in the company and help with the difficulties. At the end of the probationary period, there is a meeting with HR and the Team Leader — Probation Period Closure. This is an opportunity to discuss the achieved results, prospects, and conditions for further cooperation together. Of course, you can always contact HR or your manager in case of questions.

Dana Bielousova,
Graphic Designer
I liked that the adaptation went smoothly, without stress, even with pleasure. Everything is very structured. You have several calls with HR, the team leader, and the team. You also receive tasks to familiarize yourself with the company's values, mission, and learning work software, for example, Jira, Slack, and BambooHR. I am impressed by how many people are involved in making you feel comfortable at work. The most important thing is that they do it with love.

Boosta's love language is gifts

At the beginning of work, all newcomers (wherever they are) receive a branded shopper, a stylish planner, a T-shirt, a sticker pack, pins, etc.

Boosta also congratulates its employees on their birthdays, wedding, or the birth of a baby. Workers also receive gifts for the anniversaries of work in the company. Their coolness is gaining momentum every year! So, on the first anniversary of their work, team members can get a quality branded hoodie, on the second anniversary — a convenient backpack, on the third anniversary — an Instax camera or Marshall headphones, on the fourth anniversary — an iPad or GoPro, on the fifth anniversary — an electric scooter or a robot vacuum cleaner, on the sixth anniversary — a Marshall speaker system or a projector, on the seventh anniversary — an air humidifier or coffee machine, and on the eighth anniversary — an Apple Watch or a Garmin smartwatch.

Alina Fedotova,
PR manager
It turned out that during the first two months of work, I received four gifts from Boosta: a welcome pack, a present in honor of the company's rebranding, and gifts on my wedding and a birthday. They were of high quality and useful. But first of all, Boosta gives emotions, a sense of belonging and care!

Want to be a part of Boosta? No wonder 🙂

The company needs specialists in various professions and directions. Accordingly, job candidates are expected to have different experiences and skills. A person who wants to work in the company must meet the following criteria. The candidate must:

  • always look for opportunities for self-realization and professional development;
  • be motivated to achieve cool results and ready to propose cool ideas;
  • be responsible for their words, decisions, and actions;
  • be proactive;
  • not require constant monitoring;
  • be non-toxic, communicate with colleagues with respect, and be ready to help them.
Dmytro Bondar,
We are always open to those who want to drive this world! So, we are waiting for your CVs, and let's do great things together!
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