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In response to the request of the Government of Ukraine, UNOPS opened an office in Ukraine in 2017, which provides a broad spectrum of services to the Government and the people of Ukraine. Currently, the office is classified as an Operations Centre, with a portfolio of projects exceeding USD 100 million, in the areas of rule of law, environment, energy efficiency, crisis recovery, good governance, human resources management, procurement, and logistics.

The ICT Specialist – eCase Management Systems (Consultant) will work under the supervision and guidance of the Project Support Officer of the PRAVO Police Project. She/he will work both within the PRAVO Police team and within a wider stakeholder group focused on law enforcement and judicial reform in Ukraine. Accordingly, in addition to the specific requirements of the role there are norms to respect and wider strategic advice that will be sought from the postholder. The Consultant will ensure that the PRAVO Police activities related to the Feasibility Study on eCase Management and possible further development and delivery of the system meet quality and sustainability requirements of UNOPS, beneficiaries and partners. The Consultant must consider the framework provided in the PRAVO Police Description of Action and other relevant project documentation, relevant national policies and standards, good international practices and taking into account the inputs provided by the key stakeholders, primarily the EUAM­. The selected candidate will deliver the outputs listed below, in close cooperation with the ICT Advisor – eCase Management Systems.

Functional responsibilities:

1) Development of eCMS products
2) Development of a report on Feasibility Study, with specifications for eCMS solution and recommendations on their implementation
3) Quality Assurance
4) Knowledge Management

1) Development of eCMS products

●        Identify the measures and interventions that would contribute to enhancement of case management and information/data exchange between stakeholder agencies in pre-trial procedures for not only the PGO but other stakeholders in field of law enforcement and courts (investigating judges), considering best EU practices most applicable for the local context
●        Provide specialist advice to PRAVO Police project team on eCMS interventions, relevant procedural and technical matters 
●        Collaborate with the representatives of the EUAM, the Support Group for Ukraine (SGUA), the Delegation of the European Union to Ukraine (EUDEL) and national beneficiary institutions on the design and implementation of the eCMS
●        Cooperate with EU funded and other projects dealing with the establishment of the eCMS, while focusing on actions that targeted the NABU and Specialised Anti-Corruption Prosecutors Office (SAPU)
●        Support with organising series of meetings and interviews with stakeholder LEAs institutions for the identification of the user requirements to the new eCMS
●        Ensure the proposed solution’s interoperability with the legacy and foreseen systems
●        Identify the potential risks, issues, and impact arising from the implementation of the eCMS interventions as well as suggest counter-measures for prevention
●        Attend the meetings of the IWG and advise counterparts on the development, operation and maintenance of eCase Management solutions which might be delivered under this Project, considering best EU practices
●        Participate in any foreseen selection process of suppliers of ICT services and goods
●        Contribute to development of PRAVO Police plans and reports related to ICT products.

2) Development of a report on Feasibility Study, with specifications for eCMS solution and recommendations on their implementation

The ICT Specialist – eCase Management Systems will contribute to the delivery of the Feasibility Study which describes the options and technical specifications for the implementation of an industry standard eCase Management System for the purposes of streamlining the case management within and between stakeholder agencies.

The Feasibility Study will include analysis firstly, of the PGO’s Concept for Establishment for a New eCMS and secondly, other concepts proposed by LEAs. It will assess such aspects as functionality and interoperability with the databases of different LEAs and Courts. This must address the workflow driven processing and exchange of key case information and documents leading to prosecutions or other procedural conclusions or resolution of cases. In relation to the Courts, the assessment will include the role of investigating judges in the pre-trial investigation phase. More generally it will cover ownership and sustainability, security and privacy issues, migration of data and the licensing scheme.

The Feasibility Study will provide the technical specifications for the eCase Management System and it will take into account the current systems in place, the Concept for development of the eCMS suggested by the PGO, the vision and concepts developed and envisioned by other LEAs and address these concepts in the framework of best European Union (EU) and international practices.

The Feasibility Study will also contain recommendations covering firstly, a scenario of minimal change, that is an implementation which is based on modifications and updates to existing stakeholder systems; secondly, and new solutions only in specific agencies, in order to achieve a functioning end-to-end system and thirdly, if neither of the two preceding solutions is feasible in the opinion of the expert, recommendations on a more radical, comprehensive solution. 

The Consultant must bear in mind that all solutions must be capable of implementation within the Project timescale and must demonstrably lead to more effective case management procedures because the implementation of this solution will be subject to a separate component within PRAVO Police support intervention.

The end-to-end system has a wide stakeholder base and therefore the Feasibility Study will include, but will not be limited to, the following activities:

●        Conduct a research based on available eCMS Concept to be able to report on user requirements (functional and technical) and recommendations on proposed options of eCMS.
●        Describe the architecture and the functional and non-functional (technical) requirements of the eCase Management Solution
●        Identify possible integration with external systems such as external registers, databases, document management systems
●        Identify and define the security requirements and criteria for the development and deployment of the eCMS
●        Identify and define the possibility and requirements of potential historical data migration from physical case files, available registers and third party databases.
●        Develop technical specifications for the eCMS solution which are acceptable for all relevant national stakeholders and are in line with the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine and best practice 
●        The deliverables mentioned below should contain cost estimation for the proposed solutions based on market research including assessment of compatibility, maintenance requirements and cost estimation
●        Identify required capacity building in terms of the hardware, software and specialised training in use and management of the system
●        Consult PRAVO Police on the scope of services, criteria for selection and award for the supply and implementation of the eCMS
●        Define the high level eCMS implementation plan along with the time and cost estimations
●        Draft the description of interventions and essential requirements for further support in implementing and rolling out the new eCMS solution across all relevant stakeholder institutions.
●        Set quality requirements and criteria that should be met by eCMS and related products delivered through PRAVO Police, while considering inputs from the EUAM, the EUDEL, and national beneficiaries, in keeping with the best European and International practices

3) Quality Assurance

●        Conduct peer reviews and other quality checks in order to ensure that any ICT infrastructure, equipment and solutions that might be delivered by service providers meet set requirements, are fit for purpose and sustainable 
●        Propose to the ICT Advisor the detailed and concrete steps required for the installation, operation and maintenance of IT infrastructure and equipment delivered to beneficiaries, as per agreement with PRAVO Police
●        Identify and report to the PRAVO Police on potential risks, issues, and impact arising from the delivery of the ICT infrastructure, tools and solutions, providing highly technical/ inputs when required
●        Recommend to the ICT Advisor a detailed description of each expected stage of implementation so that the system would be introduced at a level which would equate to EU and international best practice from business, technical and quality standards standpoints.
●        Ensure putting PRAVO Police ICT related activities, external and internal, in full compliance with UNOPS rules, regulations, policies and strategies.

4) Knowledge Management

●        Assist on the establishment of efficient and effective PRAVO Police ICT tools and processes specifically related to eCMS
●        Engage in the development of PRAVO Police ICT standards and strategies
●        Interact with HQ and ICT staff from UNOPS and other UN agencies in the area to share and exchange information and expertise on applications and tools
●        Contribute to knowledge networks and communities of practice
●        Identify lessons learned and provide recommendations.

More details and application form for this job: UNOPS web page
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Тип зайнятості: Full time
Опубліковано: 30 липня 2019
Актуально до: 11 серпня 2019
Інші вакансії IT/Некомерційна сфера/Юридична сфера


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