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Kyiv Post is looking for a Motion Designer to draw and animate graphics for our videos, and create content for social media together with the social media manager.

Examples of tasks: 

  • Creating an animation based on several lines of the text from the scripts (we are also providing you with ideas on how to visualize it) 
  • Developing different styles of captions and text graphics for our videos 
  • Working with our directors and videographers on graphics for their videos 
  • Making GIFs and short animations promoting Kyiv Post for our Sales department 

To be able to accomplish these tasks you’ll need skills with Adobe After Effects and Illustrator. Also, our working language is English. 

Full-time position.

If you’re interested:

1) See our work on our website and social media. You need to know what we’ve already done to be able to work with us.

2) Send your CV with examples of works. A cover letter is optional, but you can use it to show off your English and share your motivation to work with us.

Інформація про вакансію
Тип зайнятості: Full time
Опубліковано: 17 серпня 2020
Актуально до: 19 вересня 2020

The Kyiv Post is Ukraine’s English-language newspaper and proud winner of the 2014 Missouri Honor Medal for Distinguished Service in Journalism.

Our video team is an independent 8-people unit that creates videos about Ukraine's cultural life, explains the country's political and economical news.

Although our team works closely with the Kyiv Post's commercial department, we share the standards and principles with our editorial team:

  • The Kyiv Post will seek to provide reasonable accounts of competing views in any controversy so as to enable readers to make up their own minds.
  • While conducting reporting for a story, the Kyiv Post reporters will properly identify themselves. Under special circumstances, such as an undercover investigation, a reporter may work unidentified, by agreement with an editor, if it is believed that in this way he or she may obtain information that is of high importance to the society.
  • Reporters should advise their editors in advance where possible if they do not plan to identify themselves and after the fact if not. Reporters must consult their editors if there is doubt about the legitimacy of any proposed news-gathering tactic.
  • All facts used in stories, videos, or other journalistic materials must be clearly attributed to their original source.
  • Sources quoted in the stories must be identified using their full name. Under special circumstances, when a source has reasonable fears for his or her safety, their last name may be omitted. The reason for lack of identification must be clearly stated in the story.
  • Anonymous sources are to be avoided. In special circumstances, information from an anonymous source can be used if it is of high value to the society and can be independently verified through other sources.
  • Falsifying a fact or a quote by a journalist will lead to dismissal.
  • Any form of plagiarism will lead to dismissal.
  • In dealing with people who are emotionally vulnerable and unaccustomed to talking to reporters, the Kyiv Post will take care to respect their dignity.
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