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Скоріше за все, ця вакансія закрита, бо вже зробила чиїсь понеділки щасливими.
Але не засмучуйтесь - у нас є що вам запропонувати!
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TrusTech is a team of young specialists in the area of technical support. There are more than 80 happy faces in our team and we are co-operating with major client in the dating sphere. At the moment we have an open position of Customer Support. If you want to develop your skills in English, communication or try yourself in an IT-company – this opportunity is for you. We are looking for active young people to be a part of our team in Kyiv office.

You will be a perfect fit for us, if you are able to:

  • Speak English fluently and understand native speakers with ease;
  • Handle business emailing like Elon Musk;
  • Convince anyone in anything;
  • Adapt and learn easily as we are a fast growing team and offer many opportunities which will help you develop your personal and professional skills;
  • Smile with the tone of voice and type as fast as if you’re running from a cheetah;
  • Work night shifts (2 per week).

So, you’ll be responsible for:

  • Verbal and written communication with our customers;
  • Handling 1st level support cases on all issues;
  • Ensuring that each customer receives outstanding service;
  • Active communication with other departments to ensure that a complicated case may be resolved and the customer remains happy.

What differs us from others?:

  • Ability to develop yourself and change the position fast (ShiftLead, TeamLead, Billing, QA, Technical Support);
  • Opportunity to move between projects, if you have the necessary skills and desire;
  • Not only unlimited tea and cookies, but also FULL DINNER catering (even during night shifts);
  • FREE trainings, lectures and workshops on every aspect of working in IT (development, marketing, design etc.);
  • Super fun team building events in a friendly and supportive atmosphere.
  • You will have more merchandise than your favorite band can offer, that you can post to your Instagram (hoodies, t-shirts, notebooks, bum-bags);
  • Cool office, designed specifically for Support Team (so you will have the ability to work on the sofa or while making tea) and relax playing ping-pong, PS4 or smoking Shisha;
  • We have our own BAR, can your previous workplace show that off? 🙂

Don’t think for too long, not to miss your chance! Apply now and get free coffee/tea and a chocolate bar during the interview! 🙂

Інформація про вакансію
Тип зайнятості: Full time
Опубліковано: 8 листопада 2019
Актуально до: 3 грудня 2019

Глобальна продуктова ІТ-компанія, офіси якої розташовані у Києві, Абуджі, Аккрі, Лагосі і Найробі

Про компанію
1500людей в команді
1офісів в Україні
15країн, де знаходяться клієнти

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Ми віримо, що одного опису вакансії мало, щоб вирішити, чи підходить вам та чи інша компанія. Тому розповідаємо про компанії та команди, культуру, процеси й підходи. Про все, що дозволить вам зробити правильний вибір та знайти своє «плем’я».

Тут створюють продукти світового рівня, дихають найчистішим повітрям і здійснюють сходження на Кіліманджаро

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