Operations Manager at Genesis

Full time

We are currently looking searching for talented and highly motivated people to fill the position of Operations Manager.

What you will do:
  • Run the process of managerial financial modeling based on targets for key financial metrics and reporting within key business departments, including budgeting for marketing expenses, human resources development, R D;
  • Run the process of financial planning, including cash flow planning, and analysis of routing of payments through payment services providers (payment success, chargebacks rate, refunds rate, DCF, effective fee rate for payments);
  • Participate in improving internal business intelligence system that consolidates financial data (Vertica databases, Tableau dashboards);
  • Build process of operating management and reporting of key financial metrics (marketing, processing of paid services for business division);
  • Analyze the deviations in financial planning, investigate the reasons for the latter and provide meaningful comments;
  • Participate in designing and implementing financial control mechanisms;
  • Monitor day-to-day financial operations within business division;
  • Communicate within internal departments (reporting, compliance, treasury, taxes, legal);
  • Communicate within external partners, including advertising networks, banks, and financial institutions;
  • Set technical tasks for finance/reporting automation of in-house architected ERP software.
  • Recruitment and management of business unit operations team within 6-9 months following probation period
Starter-kit needed to join:
  • Experience in IB or managerial finance position in FMCG is a must;
  • Outstanding career track record, i.e. double promotions, fast career growth;
  • MA or MBA received abroad is a significant plus;
  • Structured thinking and ability to take data-driven business decisions;
  • Attention to details, strong analytical and problem-solving skills;
  • Advanced MS Office skills (especially Excel and PowerPoint);
  • Strong communication and written skills, ability to convince opponents on the truth of one’s judgments;
  • Ability to work without supervision, under pressure of deadlines in a dynamic environment;
  • Change management;
  • Processes building implementation;
  • Experience with SQL will be a plus.
Інформація про вакансію
Тип зайнятості: Full time
Опубліковано: 20 лютого 2020
Актуально до: 30 березня 2020

Глобальна продуктова ІТ-компанія, офіси якої розташовані у Києві, Абуджі, Аккрі, Лагосі і Найробі

Про компанію
1500людей в команді
1офісів в Україні
15країн, де знаходяться клієнти

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Ми віримо, що одного опису вакансії мало, щоб вирішити, чи підходить вам та чи інша компанія. Тому розповідаємо про компанії та команди, культуру, процеси й підходи. Про все, що дозволить вам зробити правильний вибір та знайти своє «плем’я».

Тут створюють продукти світового рівня, дихають найчистішим повітрям і здійснюють сходження на Кіліманджаро

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