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About the project:

 In October 2019, Agriteam Canada launched a new five-year project in Ukraine: Support to Ukraine’s Reforms for Governance (SURGe).

SURGe’s Ultimate Outcome is to help the Government of Ukraine (GoU) to deliver governance and economic reforms that better respond to the needs of its citizens. To achieve this, the Project will strategically enhance and strengthen the GoU’s reform management functions, namely its capacity to undertake planning and analysis of reforms that consider citizen impact, and to implement these reforms.

Reform initiative and position summary:

SURGe will provide technical assistance to selected communities in pilot oblasts to improve their investment governance, so that communities have capacity to select and prioritise public investment projects based on citizen needs, and are able to efficiently implement these projects. These approaches will be then institutionalised at the national level.

The expert team will be deployed to the Ministry of Development of Communities and Territories of Ukraine.

The goal of the reform initiative: communities and regions drive local investment that creates jobs and enhances regional economic capabilities.

For this reform, SURGe Project is looking for а Policy, Legal and Capacity Development Adviser who will be responsible for capacity development and advice to national stakeholders, pilot communities/regions on policy and legal aspects of regional and local development.

The expert will be based in Kyiv and will be reporting to the Team Lead of the Regional Investment Projects Facilitation team.

Level of effort: Full time, Monday-Friday.

The duration of the contract is 6 months with a possibility of extensions (subject of approval and implemented deliverables during a previous deployment).

For contracting (after the job offer is made), the selected candidate is expected to be registered as a Private Entrepreneur of the 3d group (consultancy services).

 Indicative duties and responsibilities (scope of work):

  1. Support national, regional and local stakeholders with comprehensive analysis and harmonization of the regulatory framework for design and implementation of regional policy with focus on regional/local economic development and investment project design and implementation.
  2. Provide analytical support and advice in the broad areas of regional policy.
  3. Analyze laws (in force and under preparation), legal norms and procedures which directly or indirectly impact the scope of the project.
  4. Develop proposals on improving investment and economic development governance at the national, regional and local levels.
  5. Design and implement capacity development programme, curriculum, methodologies and tools for pilot oblasts and communities.
  6. Draft legal acts that facilitate design, funding and implementation of investment projects.
  7. Propose recommendations, draft methodologies and tools on economic development and investment projects and their application by regional/local authorities and development partners.
  8. Interact with public authorities and projects of international technical assistance regarding implementation of the reform initiative.

Preferred qualifications and skills:

 University degree in Jurisprudence/Law.

  1. Strong analytical and capacity development skills.
  2. At least 10 years of professional work experience related to jurisprudence/Law in the areas of public administration, regional policy, local self-government.
  3. Policy advisory experience aimed at supporting the formulation and implementation of multi-level/multi-sector reforms for enhanced local/regional socio- economic development, incl. regional policy, decentralisation, public sector management, or sectoral reforms.
  4. Familiarity with regional policy and local self-government reform agenda.
  5. Fluent in Ukrainian and English.
  6. Citizen of Ukraine.

To apply:

 Submissions must be prepared in English and delivered electronically by 17:00 Kyiv time on June 19, 2020.

All submissions must include:

 Applicant’s CV in English (max. 2 pages);

  • Applicant’s letter of interest in English (max. 500 words).

 Please ensure to state Policy, Legal and Capacity Development Adviser in the e-mail subject line.

Applications received after the indicated deadline and/or without letter of interest will not be reviewed and considered.

 Please note, only short-listed candidates will be contacted for follow-up. We do not welcome unsolicited phone calls.


Інформація про вакансію
Тип зайнятості: Full time
Опубліковано: 5 червня 2020
Актуально до: 19 червня 2020

Agriteam Canada is one of Canada’s leading international development firms, providing management and technical expertise to developing and transitional country partners on projects that promote sustainable growth and meaningful opportunities for people to improve their lives. Over the past 30 years, we have implemented over 370 projects in more than 65 countries. Agriteam has two offices in Canada and 11 offices around the world, including an office in Ukraine. Over the almost thirteen-year of Agriteam presence in Ukraine, the team successfully implemented five international technical assistance projects.

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