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ORIL is a custom software development company with a team of well-versed specialists that operates in various industries including PropTech, FinTech, Marketplaces, Health & Fitness. Through more than 5 years of excellence, we have partnered with innovative companies across the globe including the USA, Europe, Canada, Australia. Our Core Values We are a diverse team of professionals who are passionate about digital products. Our Kredo - Increasing World Efficiency. We believe and share essential values with the global community, that are: Make the team your greatest asset Keep exploring Be a part of the solution Prioritize time Create limit-breaking products Our Focus We are passionate about creating top-notch products that could enhance our daily life, thus we deliver a full spectrum of UI/UX, IoT, and custom development services that streamline businesses and reinforce start-ups. We are represented globally with an R&D Center in Ukraine and Headquarters in the US. We specialize in: Product Development IoT UI/UX Design Digital Transformation Product Strategy Consulting Employee Benefits The company supports your personal growth and provides you with all assets needed to keep you progressing and learning along with enjoying your work. Oril creates all the conditions to encourage your professional advancement: engaging in new projects, direct communication with customers, appreciation of creativity, certification programs, amicable and supportive colleagues with the will to work and share the experience with you. Our Recognitions We cherish each of our customers and provide an individual and holistic approach to each of their need, feel free to learn more about our testimonials: Clutch: clutch.co/profile/oril Come and join us, we are waiting for you! Follow Us Our Blog: https://oril.co/blog/ Medium: medium.com/@orilsoftware Facebook: www.facebook.com/orilsoftware Instagram: www.instagram.com/orilsoftware LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/oril-software/mycompany/

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