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The BotsCrew story started in 2016. Our co-founders in their early twenties went to a hackathon where they created their first chatbot and met their first client. The series of successful events inspired them to quit their jobs and travel to Bali, where they could think about the business strategy of the future company.

As guys recall those times, “Actually, we weren’t even sure if it was the right thing to show. We had regular, well-paid jobs, no need to complain, except with time it got boring. And then the idea of participating in a hackathon was so exciting, but chatbots?”

Since then, BotsCrew has released more than 100 chatbots and worked with companies like Samsung NEXT, Mars, Virgin, BMC, and many promising startups.

Today is the year of scale. We want to grow faster. For that, we aim to provide better custom-developed chatbots. And this is where your story begins.

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